Compilation of UltraCopier on Debian 8

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Compilation of UltraCopier on Debian 8

Step 1 : Download the sources

git clone

Step 2 : Disabling Debug Mode

The debug mode is very expensive for resources, you can disable it by:

find -name "Variable.h" -exec sed -i "s/#define ULTRACOPIER_DEBUG/\/\/#define ULTRACOPIER_DEBUG/g" {} \; find -name "Variable.h" -exec sed -i "s/#define ULTRACOPIER_PLUGIN_DEBUG/\/\/#define ULTRACOPIER_PLUGIN_DEBUG/g" {} \; find -name "Variable.h" -exec sed -i "s/#define ULTRACOPIER_PLUGIN_DEBUG_WINDOW/\/\/#define ULTRACOPIER_PLUGIN_DEBUG_WINDOW/g" {} \;

Step 3 : Generate languages files

To generate the languages files

lrelease -nounfinished -compress -removeidentical

Step 4 : Generate makefile

Then you need to generate the makefile using qmake. As there are several version of Qt, you need to check and choose the good one, it must be version 5.

Checking current version

qmake -v >QMake version 3.0 >Using Qt version 5.3.2 in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

In this case it's all right, go to step C.

Choosing good version of Qt

If it shows a Qt version less than 5 then proceed as follow :

To switch beetwin differents versions of qmake there is a package named qtchooser, check if you installed it yet

aptitude show qtchooser >Package: qtchooser >State: installed

If it's not install it :

aptitude install qtchooser

Now you can display versions of Qt available :

qtchooser --list-versions >4 >5 >default >qt4-i386-linux-gnu >qt4-x86_64-linux-gnu >qt4 >qt5-x86_64-linux-gnu >qt5

To select one, simply enter that command :

export QT_SELECT=Version_Of_Qt_Wanted

For exemple : export QT_SELECT=qt5-x86_64-linux-gnu

To be sure it works, do another qmake -v

If you're now using Qt version 5, go to step C.

Generate Makefile

Now you can create the makefile using qmake


Step 5) Compiling project

Finaly you just have to compil the whole project.


You now should have the compiled program in your folder.

If you tried to compile but had any trouble, before to compile once again, clean the directory by using

make clean

Thanks: neutrynos for this tutoriel