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Only for the oxygen interface


If your system is supported by the catchcopy project, do into your file manager a copy/move, ultracopier will be used.

Actually it's tested and functional for: Windows XP 32/64Bits, Windows 7 32/64Bits, Windows 8 32/64Bits.

What do if it not work

  • Firstly check if your are on tested OS like above.
  • Unistall ALL other copier, if you use Ultracopier 0.3, unistall 0.2
  • Restart your computer if it not solve anything.
  • Report the bug: How report bug

Not working case

In the guest account, windows repport all have worked, but the copy/paste is not remplaced.


  • Open a copy/move window via right click on the systray icon
  • Open the detailed mode, click on the cross, and choose "Open file(s)"
  • Select file to copy/move
  • Selection the destination
  • It's finish, ultracopier will start