Integration into Total commander

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Go where is installer total commander, open the DEFAULT.BAR with text editor. Find free id button, here 27 and 28, and add into the section [Buttonbar]:

button27=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\ultracopier.exe,1
cmd27=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\ultracopier.exe
param27=Copy *"%UL" "%T"
path27=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\
menu27=Copy with Ultracopier
button28=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\ultracopier.exe,2
cmd28=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\ultracopier.exe
param28=Move *"%UL" "%T"
path28=C:\Program Files\Ultracopier\
menu28=Move with Ultracopier

Increment "Buttoncount" into the section [Buttonbar] by 2 (26->28).