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Most frequent questions

  • The licence of Ultracopier?
 GPL3 for the core and default plugins.
  • Ultracopier is not used when I do a copy
 No windows: It's normal, because the file manager don't support it, see catchcopy project for more information. Ask to the developers of your file browser to support it.
 Windows: It should work, uninstall all other copier (included Ultracopier 0.2 if you are on 0.3) and restart. If not work, see: Copy and paste
  • I know Supercopier/Teracopy/Copy handler, what is the difference?
 The difference is who into my Comparative of Supercopier/Teracopy/Copy handler/Ultracopier, into the version 0.3 you have interface of Teracopy to do easy transition.
  • How translate in your language or correct it?
 See How translate in your language or correct it

Less frequently asked questions

  • Some time, it not follow exactly the transfer list order
 Ultracopier do intelligent reorganization of the transfer to do to optimize the performance. It's why it not follow exactly the transfer list. See General informations for more informations.
  • It's more fast?
 In my test case yes. But some users report same speed in different conditions. You can see the speed here: Speed comparison. But the most worked features are: data security, software features.
  • No .deb/.rpm?
 No because it's lot of time to do it (more than time to do all version for windows + mac). Can have binary incompatibility. All the linux prefer do them-self their own package from source.