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With this options you can choose the languages, force one, auto-detect it. The languages list corresponds to language plugins. To have full Ultracopier translation you need all plugins implement this language.

See too: How translate in your language or correct it

Catch the copy/move as default

If the checkbox is check, at the start of Ultracopier it will try load all to use Ultracopier when you do a copy.

Load at the session loading

If checked, load Ultracopier when you session is starting, depends of Session loader plugins


List all the plugins, allow to remove/add it. You can see the informations about each plugins.

Copy engine

Here you can choose the copy engine priority order. Into sub menu you can configure the options specific to each engine. For the default copy enginen you can see Copy specific options for more help.


Here you can choose the themes, item options with it.


Here you can set where write transfer log, and what information it will contain.