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Here is just mentioned the main features, not all

Branch 0.3.0


  • Window grouping
  • Drag'and'drop file on the interface
  • Options to ask sources/destinations when open manually a new window
  • Improve the renaming at the folder colision

Version ~


  • Exportable/importable file copy list (need lot of work to do a clean work) [!!] Plugin interface change needed
  • Optimize more the small file list by drop thread detection loop
  • Do the list thread more thread safe
  • Search more accessible
  • Integrate the system tray icon into the plugin [!!] Plugin interface change needed
  • Do optional core functionality relay (like shutdown) [!!] Plugin interface change needed


  • Limit the displayed list (canceled, seam useless)
  • Use model/view/controler of Qt into Oxygen
  • Do optimization for very very large transfer (more than 2 000 000 items).
  • Generate too extra plugin (like Teracopy interface)
  • Do correct Mac OS X version (packaging)


  • Implement and the interface multiple status -> normal when is into transfer mode, extra with name for checksum... [!!] Plugin interface change needed
  • Copy by CLI
  • Support *.* (wildcard) for the end of sources command
  • Optimize more the copy engine (prepare specific part, mainly win32 file manipulation)
  • Do the ultimate version
  • Do the shop


  • Support *.* (wildcard) for all
  • file list passed at the command line
  • Do checksum checking: never, when error occurred, always, quick or full
  • Do the OS buffer options
  • Do the filter options
  • Renaming rules
  • Fix mac packaging
  • Big bug check + features check (speed limitation included)
  • Little clean code and improve the documentation

Version ~ 0.3.0.X


  • Fix other crash due to the timer
  • Improve the translation
  • Finish the french translation


  • Bug fix reported by the user
  • Improve the plugin loader, mainly to determine with dll need be loaded, debug options, force all dll loading (useful for total/freeCommander 32Bits user)
  • Add options to all the kind of plugins
  • Fix found bug: progression, renaming time, themes selection, ...
  • Improve the plugins-alternative: Teracopy interface with model/view, more performance, ...
  • Add more function to the facility interface


  • Big clean code and improve the documentation
  • Big bug check + features check (included checksum)


  • Fix general progression (with big file, at file changing, show wrong progression)
  • check , all crash (I had one of out of range)
  • Fix order into list todo, not match with the list order (it's normal, it's to optimize the performance, see Order of transfer)
  • Fix progression for the current file (the first file is the first file in transfer), fixed for oxygen + teracopy interface
  • Continue the features check
  • Continue the documentation improvement
  • Async the destruction of copy engine

Branch 0.4.0

This is remake on Qt5. Discute about that's on the forum.


  • Pipe for catchcopy under windows, work with all (unblock problem where ultracopier have been launched as root)
  • Performance improvement by new signal/slot connections
  • New plugin usage
  • Usage of QRegularExpression
  • Remaning time by file, do by facility engine
  • Confirmation before group copy (with checkbox)
  • Don't drop the destination when the copy is partial (checkbox)
  • Full Qt5 rewrite
  • Performance/stability improvement
  • Packaging/installer improvement


  • Checkbox to have strict follow of transfer list
  • Connected client on the listener
  • Can save log into specific path, into source folder, destination folder
  • Winamp skin support
  • Complete the general options (missing, but on copy windows)
  • Unit for size: auto, or specified (interface + facility engine)*
  • Right elevation when it's the right the problem under windows
  • Double progession bar
  • Mode features
  • Disk space check on all OS



The performance is not the priority, but need remain correct.

  • Support listing and copying at the same time
  • Large buffer for same HDD


  • Use shadow copy service to copy the locked file under windows (Really that's?)
  • C engine