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The Ultracopier Ultimate version is file to download. No version box is sell.

If you want version box, say me to see how-many person want it.


Ultracopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version have warranty of be tested in lot of case. But in any case have warranty about data security, or other way of warranty.

Normal version vs Ultimate version

  • The code sources are exactly the same, and under the same licence
  • The basic ultimate version just include some alternate plugin
  • The optimized ultimate version include too optimization for a cpu, but just via the CFLAGS. For Ultracopier, optimization of cpu can be useless (hdd usage, and source already optimized), that's will depends of each config.
  • All version is without DRM, and haven't protection, and can be redistribued (GPL3)

Donations and next version

All person which donate and buyer of ultracopier can have ultracopier ultimate. But is limited at the minor version.

Where buy it?

You can buy it on the ultracopier shop: Ultracopier Ultimate

For who it's free?

It's free for all people who have do a good help to ultracopier like translation, beta test, bug tracking, good back link, ...


You need unpack the main archive, the archive of you cpu (or generic), and overwrite existing files of ultracopier (in version normal) with this files.

Under windows you can use 7zip to decompress the tar.xz, and under Mac you can use: "The Unarchiver"